We at sealnode have been following Dan Hughes since 2012.
Since the early emunie days till finaly radix's first version Olympia!

There is so much potential in Radix's tech & it's community that we have a strong need and  incredible desire to be a part of that community. The best way to support that community is to share our knowledge we have gathered through out the years and by supporting the network. To support the network we have set up our own validator nodes. Logically named sealnode. 

Who are we?

At this time we are a team of two. One of us is Jonas, a early emunie investor in 2012/2013.
He will be the person to talk to with question's about our node and our failover systems to garantee 99.99% up time. You can reach out via the telegram link in the site's footer. 

Future plans?

Although Dan Hughes's language of choice is Java, ours is CSharp. Nothing against java, but that's what we love. When Tempo was still a thing we started building a c# port of the radix engine. For obvious reason's (obvious if you know the history of radix) we had to abandon that project. Our dream is restart that project as soon as possible. That probably mean's waiting till Alexandria before we can confidently start building.